Acoustic & electric guitar repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. Bass guitar, banjo, ukulele, and many other stringed instruments welcome!

Here’s just some of what we do:

Does your instrument sound not-so-bright? Do the strings seem past their prime?
We will remove the old strings, clean the instrument’s body and fretboard, quick-polish the frets, and apply lemon oil to the fingerboard (except for Maple fingerboards). Check tuning machines, bridge hardware, and install new strings. Tune strings to pitch, pre-stretch strings (to settle them faster), and re-tune to customer’s requested tuning.

Neck Adjustment:
Are you noticing excessive string height in some areas of the neck? Gradual (sometimes sudden) buzzing when you play?
We will check the instrument’s neck for warping using a specialized straight-edge, and apply positive or negative tension as needed to the truss rod to acquire correct neck adjustment. Clean and tune the instrument.
Recommended twice annually.

Fret repair and leveling:
Finding certain spots hard to play? Are individual notes buzzing for no apparent reason? Maybe you need some fret work.
We can locate damaged or worn spots. Remove the strings. File uneven spots from affected frets. Check all frets for equal height, and level as needed, then crown, polish and buff to a shine. Clean instrument, install strings, tune and test play.

Fret Replacement:
Are your frets feeling a little low? Too low to repair?
We will identify damaged or worn out frets. Remove strings, measure and remove targeted frets with fret pulling pliers. Select appropriate new fret size, and trim to approximate length. Press frets into fingerboard slots. Trim fret ends, and file smooth. Check new fret height against surrounding frets, and level to match. Crown and polish frets. Clean and restring instrument, tune and test play.

Pickup Replacement:
Having trouble getting the sound you want from your guitar? Looking for something different? We can help!
We install pickups from Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, Guitar Fetish, and many more.
Don’t fall out of love with your guitar, give it new life with a new set of pickups!

Wiring and Electronics:
Got Crackles? Are your knobs scratchy, and your switches not switching?
We can fix that too! Potentiometer and switch contact cleaning, cold solder joint repairs, complete rewiring, custom switching, coil tapping, on-board signal processing, and so much more!